WULF the label is a brand inspired by wolves for their strength and desire for freedom. An empowerment of the wolf mentality: following your own path and staying dedicated.


Study shows that we inherit and transmit behaviors, emotions and beliefs not through rational choice, but through contagion. In other words, we as human beings have a follow mechanism. We often follow people around us when we are unsure of our own beliefs or actions.
WULF the label is an empowerment to those who are strong enough to create their own belief system.


A mixture of ready-to-wear garments with eye for detail, made from premium quality materials.


Founded in 2015 by Jascha Atmodikromo, when he was 15 years old with little to no experience in business but a will to pursue his young ambition for entrepreneurship.

He made custom graphic t-shirts before the brand itself. Began this small venture selling these t-shirts to friends at first. After the first couple of months, people he didn’t even know started asking for t-shirts. Although starting out small, he always strived to offer quality pieces and managed to execute his ideas with self-research and dedication.

Always inspired by modern fashion fits and the vision to elevate his hometown Suriname. Never wanting to use limited resources of Suriname as an excuse to create products of international standards.


You are only limited to what you allow yourself to believe. Dare create your own belief system, even if it isn’t aligned with others.

Remember, the tiger and the lion may be stronger but the wolf does not perform in the circus.


WULF the label – This is our journey to become one of Suriname’s most prestigious clothing brands.